Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fundraising - HALO's lifeline

HALO is a 100% volunteer-based charity, meaning there are no paid members of the organization. All proceeds go directly to supporting Christ's Children's Home.
HALO ambassadors Kristen and Marcie show Fungbeh and the kids yoga poses.

Our primary objective on a continual basis is making sure that the children are fed 3 times a day, and that the staff of the school is paid. We are forever grateful for the ways God has provided consistently for the needs of the children. That being said, we are currently running at about 50% of our ideal
CCH kitchen staff cooking for the kids.
operating budget. This is not a budget designed to provide any excessive accommodations, but rather to focus on paying teachers and other caregivers of the children (those who are directly responsible for developing their future) at a rate relatively comparable to the rest of the country. This keeps the staff loyal which directly benefits the children and their education. Fungbeh and Neyor are currently building a new orphanage site in Suakoko (about 30 minutes away from the current CCH site) that will accommodate a school up to 12th grade, which will allow the children the benefit of graduating from CCH as opposed to having to be transported to a school out in town past 6th grade (the current CCH schoolhouse only teaches through 6th grade).
EPIC masquerade ball event benefitting HALO
Because of  the continual shortage of funds, HALO has worked to come up with creative ways to raise money to subsidize any outstanding needs. Two of our HALO ambassadors, Kelly Steckelberg and Lorenzo Logoreci, have graciously volunteered their restaurant in San Francisco as a venue for fundraising efforts on multiple occasions. Most recently, Christopher Thurne , a  talented ballroom dancer with a gift for incorporating the idea of dancing with the principals in Ephesians 5, volunteered an event to benefit HALO that raised enough money to cover the shortage of CCH's operating budget for November. This was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated. Our HALO ambassadors are currently working on two upcoming fundraising events designed not only to raise funds for immediate needs within CCH, but also to raise awareness about the need for consistent monthly donations. Most notably, an event this Saturday (11/16) in Jacksonville will feature Sweet Scarlett, a local band, as well as drinks and hors d'oeuvres graciously donated from local businesses. The cost of the event is $20 with an option to purchase a reusable HALO drink cup. We enjoy these events and the opportunity they provide to share success stories about the orphanage and the children, as well as to raise awareness as to the overall goals of HALO, both short-term and long into the future.
For more information on how to get involved and what the immediate and continual needs of CCH are, visit

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